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Congregational Care Team
Cranberry is blessed with an active and responsive Congregational Care Team that strives to ensure the members of our congregation are cared for in a variety of ways. This team of lay people work with the pastor to pray for, visit, send cards or call those who are sick and homebound, as well as provide connection and welcome to our visitors. If you have a prayer concern or are interested in connecting to or serving on this team, please feel free to email us.
Lay Leadership Development
At Cranberry we believe that every Christian is a servant leader, and we are all called to grow and become mature Christian leaders. Members at Cranberry are encouraged throughout the year to learn about and grow in their spiritual gifts, engage in Bible Study and worship, as well as serve in a variety of leadership roles. 
We are blessed to have a number of Lay Servants who are certified to preach and lead in specific ways in the local church. Click here for more information about our Conference's Lay Servant ministries.


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